A solid product line, excellent customer service, and savvy marketing aren’t enough for customers anymore. Instead, they’re saving their dollars for the businesses that demonstrate a much more significant contribution to the world.

To put it another way, customers are interested in supporting companies on board with corporate social responsibility.

CSR initiatives are all about uplifting society and exhibiting a genuine interest in making the world a better place. They’re good for business all the way around, from deepening customer relationships to strengthening your internal workforce.

To reap all of these benefits, you must market your CSR campaign effectively. Incorporating CSR in your video marketing strategy is a great starting point.

Visionary business leaders and marketers are taking advantage of the growing popularity of video content and incorporating their CSR efforts into their video marketing plans.

At the same time, there’s much to consider to ensure you’re accurately illustrating your CSR. Here are six tips for starting a CSR campaign and incorporating it into your video marketing strategy.

Define Your CSR Mission

First, you must define your CSR mission. If you don’t clearly understand what you’re doing and why it’s essential, you aren’t likely to garner the support you need to see your mission through.

Start by exploring how your company is or wants to better society. Your CSR mission could focus on:

  • Sustainability
  • Community outreach
  • Employee wellness
  • Fair treatment of employees in the workplace
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Partnering with nonprofits
  • Social, racial, and economic justice

Additionally, your CSR mission should resonate with your customers.

Ensure Your Customers Connect With Your CSR Mission

It’s great to choose a CSR mission that you connect with personally. However, you also want to ensure you have the support of your customers. Your CSR mission should align with your customers’ values and social responsibility commitments.

If you need to, do some in-depth research on your customers, including what they believe in, their values, life goals, and current lifestyle.

Connect with your audience on what they are passionate about and impacted by. That way, you can commit to CSR initiatives that they’ll love and encourage trust and a sense of community while doing it.

Next, align all of your teams on your CSR goals.

Align All of Your Teams on Your CSR Goals

All of your teams must be on board with your CSR mission, goals, and initiatives. Your efforts won’t be nearly as successful without the support of your internal teams as they would be with their support.

So, chat with your C-suite executives, lower-level employees, stakeholders, and other business partners to get their take on your CSR goals. Be sure that they understand your CSR initiatives, why they’re important, and what each team member’s role is in carrying them out.

Creating a clear proposal, setting SMART goals, ensuring all documents are accessible, and implementing effective conflict resolution will make these interactions seamless. Aligning your teams on your CSR goals also helps ensure that you remain accountable and authentic with your audience throughout the journey.

Once your teams are on board with your CSR mission, revisit your marketing strategy.

Revisit Your Marketing Strategy

Before you move forward with incorporating CSR in your video marketing, you must revisit your overall marketing approach and your video marketing strategy specifically.

Take a look at the goals and objectives you set for marketing and the broader business objectives attached. Next, analyze your video marketing strategy to see if your CSR initiatives fit your overall marketing plan and what business goals a CSR campaign will help achieve. Then, you can map out how to use video content for marketing your CSR initiatives.

All in all, you want to ensure your marketing team is promoting your CSR initiatives and mission effectively with the most impactful marketing type, channel, and platform.

With a better understanding of how you’re going to promote your CSR initiatives with solid video marketing, you can move forward with drafting a detailed CSR and video marketing campaign strategy.

Draft a Detailed CSR Campaign and Video Marketing Strategy

Don’t keep your CSR campaign and video marketing strategy in your head or those of your team members. Instead, draft a detailed CSR campaign proposal and an accompanying video marketing strategy digitally or on paper.

Detail your plan for promoting your CSR initiatives and how you’ll use video marketing in particular. For example, map out content topics, deadlines for that content, goals for your video marketing strategy, and how you’ll track the performance of both your initiatives and your marketing efforts.

Lastly, focus on creating quality video content.

Focus on Creating Quality Video Content

Although it’s easy to concentrate on quantity over quality when it comes to video content, do your best to fight this urge. Your focus should be on quality over quantity.

One top-tier video on a blog and a few awesomely designed social media videos a week is a much better approach than churning out emotionless content that doesn’t connect with your audience.

For instance, let’s say your CSR mission is rooted in improving sustainability in your company. In that case, you can create content that illustrates how your company is reducing its carbon footprint and waste in general. Your videos should showcase how your company is approaching composting, recycling, reusing various items, conserving water, and other ways you're trying to reduce your energy use.

You should also invite your employees to be a part of your videos and share their experiences and personal responsibilities in your CSR mission.

Ultimately, it’s best to take your time creating quality video content that truly showcases your CSR efforts and supports your marketing goals.



Incorporating CSR in your video marketing is a wise move, considering the rising demand for video content and initiatives that support saving the world. Implement the tips above to build a solid CSR campaign and leverage video content to share your journey with the world.