Tyle Service Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are written in Korean. If the translation of these Terms and Conditions differs from the original text, the original Korean text shall prevail.

Last modified: Aug., 10th, 2020

Effective date: Sep., 10th, 2020

Dear everyone! This is Tyle.

Tubloo Co., Ltd. ( "Tubloo") has established these Terms and Conditions to make it easier to describe your rights and obligations. By accessing or using the Tyle services, you agree to be bound by the legal validity under these Terms and Conditions.

Definitions and interpretations of terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

"Tyle" or "tyle.io" ( "Tyle") means a web-based design tool that automatically creates image content.

"Tyle" may be provided and used without regard to types of devices (wired and wireless devices including computers, televisions, mobile phones, and other portable devices).

"Account" means the login account created based on the email address and password required to use the "Tyle" service.

"Slide" means a piece of image content that can be created through the "Tyle" service.

A "card" is a collection of "slides" created by a “Tyle" service and stored on a server.

"Save" means that the "card" created by the “Tyle" service is recorded on the “Tyle" server with a unique created URL.

"Download" means that the "card" is "saved" and transferred to your terminal (computer, mobile device, etc.) in the form of an image file.

The meaning of any term not defined in these Terms and Conditions shall be as defined in the Privacy Policy.

These Terms and Conditions are posted at all times and if any changes are made, Tubloo will notify you in advance.

Tubloo may amend these Terms and Conditions as necessary. In such a case, Tubloo will notify you of the content of the revision of the Terms and Conditions, the reason for the revision, and the effective date of the revision by 7 days or more prior to the effective date of the revised Terms and Conditions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing notice, if you do not agree to the application of the amendment terms, you may discontinue your use of the Tyle service and terminate the use agreement under these Terms and Conditions. If you continue to use the Tyle service after the effective date of the revised Terms, you are deemed to have accepted the revised Terms and Conditions.

You can use the Tyle service in accordance with the terms.

Tubloo grants you a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Tyle service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and policies. Tubloo reserves the right to change or discontinue the features or functionality of the Tyle service to improve the quality of the tile service. Tubloo may also provide Tyle services in whole or in part to each user, subject to the usage of the Tyle service, user status, registered information, or other conditions set by Tubloo.

You may access and use the Tyle service only for legitimate and authorized purposes, and you may not abuse the Tyle service in violation of the usage set by the discretion of Tubloo. You must not collect, use or provide information about other Tyle service users, post or transmit any offensive or pornographic data, violate third party rights and interests (including, but not limited to, copyright) You must not violate the rights and interests of third parties, public order, law, and public morals.

You must own or retain the legitimate rights to the content or images prior to the release of any card made using the Tyle service. Your use of the Tyle service does not grant you any rights to data provided by other users. However, the rights to fonts and image libraries provided directly by Tyle are granted to you in whole or in part in accordance with your service plan for Tyle.

You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, transfer, lease, collateralize, give permission to use of any or all of the Tyle service or the software included in the Tyle service without the prior consent of Tubloo. In addition, you shall not attempt to reverse engineer or extract software source code included in the Tyle service, copy, decompile, reproduce, or otherwise modify the Tyle service.

If you fail to comply with applicable laws and these Terms and Conditions and / or Tubloo's policies, Tubloo may investigate this or temporarily or permanently prohibit your use of the Tyle service.

Your data can be used to improve Tyle service.

Tubloo requires you to grant some rights to your data for the purpose of operating, developing and promoting the Tyle service and developing new services. For example, for the purpose of designing a more affordable plan, expanding servers, etc., we collect the logs for card generation cycle, slide count, number of images, and content distribution destination for each account. In addition, your card can be accessed and viewed when you request support.

Tubloo may collect, use and analyze other information relating to the use and performance of data and Tyle services and related technologies, and may use it or disclose it in a statistical or non-identifiable form for business purposes. You can find out more about what information is collected and used through our privacy policy.

Tubloo can analyze ad performance by sharing non-personal metadata of videos/images created through Tyle.io with an ad platfrom partners, and which can be used to imporve the design engine.

You can leave your account at any time.

If you no longer want to use the Tyle service, you can leave your account at any time. If your use contract is terminated, your personal information will be deleted in accordance with statute and / or privacy policy unless Tubloo is requested to preserve your information. At the time of withdrawal, all cards stored in the server will be deleted to stabilize Tyle service. In addition, if the account has not been connected for more than one year, the card will be deleted and the account will be changed to a dormant account after the deletion notice is issued.

Tubloo strives to provide a reliable service.

Tubloo tries to provide Tyle service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, due to maintenance or repair or other unavoidable causes, the Tyle service may be interrupted on a regular or temporary basis. In this case, Tubloo will do its best to let you know in advance, as circumstances permit.

Nevertheless, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Tubloo expressly disclaims any promise or warranty with respect to what is not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. For example, Tubloo disclaims all promises or warranties regarding the specific function or utility of the content and services contained in the Tyle service. Tubloo will not be liable for (i) bodily injury to you resulting from access to and use of the Tyle service, (ii) any loss or damage caused by unauthorized access to and use of your account or Tubloo server by a third party, (Iii) damages caused by disturb or interruption of the Tyle service by a third party, (iv) damages caused by the transmission of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses or similar by third parties, (v) damages resulting from omission or damage to data, (vi) any damages (including and without limitation to defamation) caused by you in the course of the 3rd party’s use of Tyle services. In addition, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, both Tubloo and Tubloo's employees, even if they previously advised on the possibility of such loss or damage, shall not be liable for any lost profits, lost revenues, lost savings or other indirect, punitive, or exceptional damages. You expressly agree that the sum total of all liability for losses and damages of Tubloo and Tubloo employees shall not exceed the total rate that Tubloo has actually obtained from you.

About pricing

This is a guide to the subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly basis, and there is no limit to the amount of usage after purchase. Full refunds are available in the unused state within one week after purchase, and after one week after the payment date, the remaining period will be converted to the amount excluding VAT and refunded based on the time of the refund request. (Not available if the refund amount is less than $ 1.) If you cancel your renewal payment, your subscription plan will automatically stop at the end of the purchase period. In addition, the subscription can only be used by one user, and cannot be accessed by multiple users at the same time.

Tyle monitors license violation by using information such as IP and session connected to one ID. Monitoring is carried out automatically every month based on the past month. If monitoring is judged to be a violation of the license, we will guide you to switch to a separate plan for multi-account users. If you receive a conversion notice and there is no contact by the due date, access to the Tyle will be limited to all accounts and access IPs, so we hope that you do not have any mistake, and if you are not in violation of the license, we would appreciate your reply soon.

This is a guide to pay-as-you-go plan. Pay-as-you-go pricing can be purchased in units provided by Tyle, and there is no limit to the period of use after purchase. The pay-as-you-go plan allows you to withdraw your purchase if it is unused within one week of purchase, and after one week after the payment date, the remaining amount will be converted to the amount excluding VAT and refunded. However, there is no refund for payments that are more than one year after purchase. Points (slides) are deducted once for the first 'complete' of each slide, and if there is no change in content, no additional deductions are made for re-completion. However, if the inserted media is changed or the content of the inserted text is changed by 20% or more, it may be judged as a new slide and additionally deducted.

In the case of large-scale requests using automated methods, the use is limited.

Tyle service servers continue to expand. However, when a certain user occupies more than 51% of the server at the time of use, the use is automatically restricted. The limit is divided into permanent suspension and speed limit, and in case of speed limit, it can be taken in real time without any notice. This restriction policy is a way to protect a large number of customers. If you suspect a slowdown during use, please contact support@tyle.io.

All fonts, images, and videos provided by Tyle are available for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The copyright of the content created through the Tyle remains with the user, and the period is permanent. Even after the end of the subscription, the content that has already been created can be used regardless of commercial or non-commercial purposes, and the content created during the service trial is also the same. In a copyright infringement lawsuit, the user's right to use is evidenced by verifying that the data stored on the Tyle server is the same as the image that raised the issue. For this reason, proof of rights can be difficult if the image extracted through the Tyle is deformed. (If a part of the image is cut and used) However, if you insert additional elements using a photo / video editing tool or apply an image filter, you can prove your rights. (Add a separate sticker image or shape, add text, etc.) Tyle provides 3 million stock images. However, all affiliate images / videos provided by Tyle cannot be used solely or resold.