Social media video is an easy way to boost sales in a business due to their ability to engage the audience. Many video marketers land new customers after posting videos on channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If well-implemented, social video marketing can encourage more responses than other content types on social media. Proper implementation of this approach means choosing effective video types suitable for specific social media platforms to make the video trendy. Here are three types of social videos for any business.

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are some of the best video marketing tools because they are shared frequently and have a mass appeal. Customers are always looking for online videos regarding product usage and so creating "how-to" videos may be an excellent idea. The videos may relate to wider topics in your industry or products and services.

Since many audiences prefer videos to text ads, tutorial videos are great tools for engaging visual learners. Users who want to learn how to use a product can go through the step-by-step video tutorials to get audio-visual experiences in the process. Audiences can access the tutorials from anywhere and participate in independent learning.

Tutorial videos must be entertaining, educational, informative, and clear. They should also be lengthy, descriptive, detailed, and engaging and the information should be presented in order of preference.

Digital marketing experts for an essay help site say that ensuring the clarity of tutorial videos begins with proper planning. Before you start creating a tutorial, identify the learning objectives and make them clear to your viewers. Write them down and ensure bring out the concepts and actions that users should know before watching the tutorial.

The tutorial video content must be valuable and useful to customers. You can investigate the doubts that many of your audiences may have and then use a video to answer questions and clear any doubts. Pay attention to your voice and avoid using background music to avoid distraction.

Live videos

According to, since the Live Video feature was introduced on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, people have appreciated the power of live videos. Live video is becoming popular on social media and many marketers are leveraging it to increase online engagement and boost sales.

Live streams are a great way to authenticate your brand and foster connection with your audience. You can use live videos for Q&As, giveaways, and contests, and also behind the scenes.

If your initial social media marketing strategy was not effective, live video could do the trick. Before you start recording a live video, plan the live event early enough and ensure that you have a good camera and internet connection.

Deciding on the themes and the topics to cover and the content you desire for your audience is a good idea during live streaming. You may also need to create an outline of the actions the audience should take after watching the video. Create an outline for every video to have an idea of the desired direction and to avoid fumbling for words in the process.

To improve the live videos, invest in a sturdy tripod to make your videos steady and a good microphone to enhance the quality of audio. You can also stabilize videos by broadcasting from your computer.

User-generated videos

User-generated content is an easy way to attract and engage an audience. To provide more exposure, you can incorporate hashtags to videos that users have created. You can use the user-generated content to grow your audience because users may find it easier to share their own content.

By accessing the user-generated content, you can get an idea of who your audiences are and their interests. To make the best use of user-generated videos, start by interacting with your audience and acknowledging them.

Since the users are taking time to create the content, think of how you can reward them. Share the content, acknowledge the best content and attribute them to every user as you track the hashtags.

To include the user-generated videos as part of content marketing for your business, reward the content creators by appreciating them. Encourage featured audiences to share the content with others online and consider a contest or a giveaway connected to the user-generated videos. You can also encourage the users to get a little creative with their content.

Social media is an excellent platform for making user-generated videos to go viral and for developing fun contests and competitions. With UGC videos, every user is unique and they communicate original perspectives about your brand, thereby building trust.


Videos are some of the best social media content mediums for any business because they are sharable and authentic. From running social media marketing campaigns to video ads, you should focus on creating the best videos that will attract audiences. Video types vary across platforms and so you should also create suitable videos for every platform to encourage social shares and engagement.


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