Privacy Policy

Dear everyone! This is Tyle.

Tubloo Co., Ltd. ( "Tubloo") makes every effort to safeguard your information. Tubloo has established this Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand how to use and protect information collected from visitors to Tyle service and those using Tyle service.

This Privacy Policy is always open to readers when you need it, and we will notify you of revision details and reasons for revision at the time of revision.

Tubloo collects some of your information to improve service quality.

In order to provide all or part of the Tyle service in accordance with the terms and conditions you have agreed to, Tubloo collects the following information from you:

Personal information: We collect your name, email address, and password. We also collect the type of device, operating system version, and device unique identification number you use when you use the Tyle service. In addition, Tubloo can collect other information you need to pay for your Tyle service when you use a paid service such as your credit card information, carrier information, or discount codes.

Non-personally identifiable information: In the course of your use of the tile service, Tubloo stores information that is not personally identifiable. This information is automatically or passively collected using a variety of techniques and is not used to identify you. This information is stored in Tubloo's own database or in a database maintained by a service provider.

Statistical Information: For the continuing improvement of usability of tile services, Tubloo researches demographic factors and behavior of customer based on personal information and other information provided. These studies can be statistically edited and analyzed, and Tubloo can share this statistical information with its affiliates, agents and business partners. This statistical information does not include information that personally identifies you. In addition, Tubloo may disclose such user statistics to current and future business partners, customers and third parties to demonstrate Tyle service for other legitimate purposes.

Cookies: To maximize your convenience in using Tyle service, the Tyle service uses cookies, which are stored on your personal computer ( "PC") and are retrieved whenever you need to access the Tyle service on your PC. You have the option to allow cookies to be stored. Through the web browser's option settings, you can allow all cookies to be saved, check each time the cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, please note that if you refuse to store cookies, it may be difficult to use the Tyle service.

Your information may be used for personal notices, handling of any questions or disputes relating to your use of Tyle service, transmission of contents related with payment services or payment processes.

Your personal information will never be provided to any third party that is not listed in this Privacy Policy.

Tubloo can use third parties to perform business related functions (information mailing, server hosting, data center service delivery, database maintenance, payment processing, etc.). Similarly, some of the Tyle services can be associated with third-party services that include the application provider. Tubloo may provide your personal information to third parties after your consent to the extent necessary to use the Service.

Tubloo may disclose your personal information in accordance with applicable law when it’s necessary to: (i) comply with legal obligations; (ii) protect the rights and property of Tubloo or third parties; (iii) protect personal safety or public interest in the event of an emergency; and (iv) defend against legal liability. 

Those are lists for third party where your data may be stored.

All information on the Tyle service is transferred, processed and stored by the Amazon Web Server (AWS) including personal and non-personal information.

Mixpanel which analyze pattern of each users and offer stats may process and store personal information(name, email, IP address, cookie) and non-personal information.

Google Analytics which analyze stats of the service may process and store non-personal information.

Mailgun which is used for mass mailing may store and process your email address.

Your personal information will be deleted after achieving the purpose of collecting and using information

Your personal information will be transferred to a separate database once your agreed collection and use goals are achieved, retained for a certain period of time determined by applicable laws and regulations, and then destroyed. Paper records are shredded or incinerated and destroyed, and electronic records are deleted using unrecoverable technical methods. In accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection and the Enforcement Decree of Information Communication Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act, all personal information and stored contents of customers who have not used Tyle service for one year will be deleted.

You can request a privacy data deletion online.

Data Protection Officer or Personal information manager

To protect your information and address your privacy concerns, Tubloo has appointed a personal contact person. If you have any privacy complaints, inquiries, comments or requests that arise from your use of the Tyle service, please contact the person responsible below.

DPO: John Woo

PIM: Y. Kwon


Announced on: 2018 May 25

Effective since: 2018 Jun 5