Why is Kinetic Typography important?

If you want to conduct effective marketing, you may very well have come across video marketing and kinetic typography video especially. It is not a newer method of video marketing but one that is catching on big time. What makes it so eye-catching and attractive as one way of video marketing? There are several great reasons why you should watch out for the kinetic typography video for your marketing.

The first reason to try it out is to help you develop a more substantial online presence. In today's highly competitive world of the internet, having a website that will genuinely attract visitors is paramount. You need to have a website with value; you also have to have content that will attract ongoing visitors. The good news is that kinetic typography is an excellent way to help you build a robust online business.

Another reason to use a high-quality kinetic typography video is to help you improve your marketing message. With so many online businesses on the internet today, it is not enough just to have a service that looks eye-catching. You also need to take advantage of the combination of video, image, and text with background music, giving higher apprehension to your potential customers.

How can I make a typography video?

There is no better way to achieve this than Typomotion, a straightforward web-based free video maker. Even if you do not understand the technical aspects of making a quality video with professional software such as AE or Premiere, don't worry. Now you know Typomotion.

Create kinetic Typography Videos in Minutes

When you access Typomotion, you will be surprised by the simple UI. What you can see is one landscape ratio box and indicator for typing text. But, that's all. What you need to do is just typing your message sentence by sentence. And real-time preview will show your message with dynamic typography effects.

Notable features that get your productivity higher

Typomotion is one of the mini-projects from Tyle. We did a lot of research in terms of UX and productivity and developed many features to increase the productivity of video making.

Auto text animation

If you type only text, random text animations are applied to each slide. Of course, you can change all effects by the 'randomize' button in the preview, or you can set the effect you want for each slide. What we paid attention to was speed or productivity. In general, no one can quickly decide what effect to put on each slide. The point of productivity improvement is to promptly add effects automatically and change only the parts you want to change.

Magic resize for every social media.

In Typomotion, the position of all elements is controllable. So you are free to convert to entirely different sizes. You can change the ratio from 166:9 to 1:1 and 9:16 with one simple click. All you have to do is duplicate one of your existing projects, resize it and download it. This is also an important user experience for productivity.

Autofit BGM library

One crucial factor in making a video look professional is that the video and the BGM end together simultaneously. The number of loops automatically changes according to the length of the content you create, and the music ends exactly when the content ends.

Let's check some samples created by free typography maker, Typomotion

Sample #1 - Slideshow video style

Sample #2 - Insta Story Ad

Sample #3 - Typography Video for Instagram Posting

Sample #4 - Instagram Story Ad Video


On top of all that, it' a free kinetic typography video maker.

Yes, it's a mini-project and open to everyone for free. Just visit Typomotion and experience it right now.

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