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Modern marketers all know the importance of video in the digital age. It’s a highly engaging media format that can boost conversion rates for online businesses and drive traffic for brick-and-mortar stores. However, with many video marketers relying on flashy techniques or viral moments to capture consumer attention, it’s easy to forget that your message can drastically impact your results.

An authentic video message — one that ties into a social cause that’s greater than your business — can be your secret to attracting the right audience and crafting a memorable brand. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of adding meaning to your video marketing to generate leads.

Modern Consumers Are Driven by Values

Online shopping has given consumers the power to decide which brands to shop from and which ones to avoid. With unlimited options on the web, people are no longer inspired to purchase from neutral companies. Instead, today’s consumers are four times more likely to buy from purpose-driven brands that align with their beliefs.

This illustrates the importance of integrating a social cause into your video marketing efforts. While any creative video can grab a shopper’s attention, videos with an authentic message give customers a reason to connect with your company at a deeper level. This connection can drive them to take action — whether it’s by providing their contact information or making a purchase — instead of simply moving on after a moment of intrigue.

When you’re brainstorming what social cause you want to support, consider what beliefs your ideal customers will relate to the most. For example, Dove frequently creates video marketing campaigns that support real beauty, a cause that consumers of its beauty and personal care products can perfectly relate to and support.

Adding Social Cause Doesn’t Have to Be Complex

While making a statement on a social cause may sound like it requires professional production, your video marketing doesn’t have to be costly or complex. In fact, most effective marketing videos are no longer than two minutes — and regardless of length, your message should always be the most important part of your campaign.

An authentic video campaign can be as simple as a compilation of testimonials about your brand’s adherence to its mission, a commitment to donate to a local charity, or an announcement of a new inclusion initiative. You can shoot social cause videos with just a phone. As long as you have good lighting, quality audio, and an eye-catching intro, your target customers will pay attention if it’s a cause they’re invested in.

Open Up Your Business to PR Opportunities

Integrating a social cause into your video marketing efforts can also open your business up to new opportunities to appear on the news, which allows you to reach a mass audience, grow brand awareness, and improve your lead generation. This is because authentic video messages create a story for reporters to tell. Whereas the average video marketing campaign is usually focused on a brand, product, or service, purpose-filled marketing videos position your brand as part of something bigger and more relevant to the world.

Of course, your video marketing won’t always get you instant publicity. If you want to maximize the impact of your efforts, actively reach out to media professionals to share your authentic video campaign. Include a press release that tells the story behind it and offer the contact information of one of your business leaders, so journalists can easily set up the interviews they need.

Investing in advertising (particularly on social media) can also be a great way to make your social cause video go viral, even if you don’t get press coverage for your campaign.

Aligning Your Video to Your Values Is Key

Creating a powerful authentic video campaign isn’t purely about finding a social cause that your customers love. It’s also about finding a cause that fully aligns with your company values. When you keep your videos consistently on-brand, you won’t just accelerate your lead generation. You’ll also gain higher-quality leads who can actually connect with and stay loyal to your brand in the long term.

Staying true to your values can also make your brand more recognizable across platforms and clarify what your company stands for. In the same way we know Patagonia is an ethical brand due to its environmental programs, and that McDonald’s is family-friendly due to its family and children’s charity, your video marketing can make clear how your company uniquely betters the world.

Stand Up for a Social Cause


While businesses once aimed to stay out of sociopolitical issues, modern consumers are now seeking more purposeful brands. Integrating a social cause into your video marketing efforts can help your company stand out and build a more loyal customer base. Consider what values your brand and your ideal customers hold to find the best social cause to support.