Video marketing is currently one of the most effective ways to engage prospects and drive more attention to your business. This is because it is very flexible and allows you to create content for the different stages of your customer journey, and you can also build on some of your existing content. As a result, video content is fast becoming the most preferred content among internet users, as stats indicate, and it is expected to increase going into the future.

Personalized video marketing

The personalized video uses email, images, and name to send customized video communication to the viewers. Personalized videos help capture the audience’s attention with the appropriate content at the right point of their buyer journey. This creates the opportunity for startups to get ahead of their competitors.

However, how are you sure that your personalized video content has everything that it needs to deliver an engaging experience to the recipient and inspire them to become customers? Your best bet is to note some of the best practices for creating personalized videos and use them for your marketing campaign. In this article, we will be discussing five of the best practices to use when making personalized videos.

Diversify your videos

There are different types of videos to create a different stage of the buyer’s journey to engage and interact with them. Some of these video types are customer testimonials, quick tips, expert interviews, and tutorials. It is not ideal to have only one kind of video that you are creating. It will be easier to run out of ideas like that. However, when you are producing different videos, it is harder to run out of ideas.

Another form of diversity that you can add to your videos is to balance the cheaper and easier videos to make with those that are more expensive and take more time to create.

Add personalization to the part of your video marketing strategy where a human touch is more beneficial.

With branded images, people can imagine the personality behind a business and determine what the company stands for. However, nothing can replace having a face to match the brand name you are building. If you already have a landing page for people to visit before they can contact you, then you should also try to create a video for the page that addresses numerous FAQs. This way, they will be able to make a decision, even without exiting the page. Videos also help you to pass your point across much faster. Also, it helps to breed confidence if customers hear a human voice and see a human face at that crucial point of their customer journey and their stage on the marketing funnel.

Be precise about your video length.

The length of video content is as important as the content itself. If it is a quick tip video, then it should not exceed one minute. Customer testimonials could last about three minutes, while a tutorial could last about five minutes.

In general, though, marketing videos should not be longer than two minutes. However, the platform where you are sharing the video can also determine the varied length. For Facebook, the optimal video time is better two minutes and five minutes. While LinkedIn is between 30 seconds to two minutes. Meanwhile, Twitter is more effective at 30 seconds.

Also, note that a video has the preferred length doesn't mean that viewers will watch it to the end. You can use a platform that shares that audience retention data to guide the length of subsequent videos. Make sure that the most critical information is at the start or close to the beginning of the video so that people that do not watch to the end still get the idea.

Add call-to-action

If you use a distribution channel such as email, you are likely to use the video thumbnail image as a clickable link to the page where people can watch the video.

It is also vital to add a CTA to the original video that encourages people to take a specific action, mainly if your sales strategy includes personalized technology. You will miss a great opportunity if you create a personalized video and do not add a CTA to set up a sales meeting, complete a sales, etc.

Distribute wisely

You must get the video to as many people as possible and try to increase your audience retention. Every social media platform has its day and time when they experience high traffic because of the different demographics of people that make up the audience. So you must correlate your publishing time with the appropriate time on various platforms to increase your engagement and viewers.

Closed captioning has several benefits apart from helping your SEO. It caters to the deaf listener or people that are hard of hearing and have to watch silently, and ensure they do not go away after they start watching.


For so long now, video marketing has been a very popular marketing strategy and is an essential addition to the marketing strategy of brands and big businesses. The popularity of videos has risen this year, and it will raise more. These best practices are some of the practices you can add to your personalized video marketing to make it more effective and deliver the kind of results that you are expecting from it.

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