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Video marketing has become an essential component of the digital advertising space over the last several years. It seems to grow in popularity and importance each year and shows no signs of slowing down.



According to Cisco, over 80% of all search engine traffic will be video this year, so it only makes sense that over 80% of businesses are making it a part of their marketing strategy.


The reality is, anyone can take a video on their phone or a point-and-shoot camera. But, if you really want your own brand or your clients to stand out, you’ll work to up your video marketing skills this year and beyond. That involves professional camera work and basic knowledge of editing.


Not sure how to get started with those improvements? Let’s cover a few tips that can help you find continued success in the video marketing game throughout 2021.

Staying on top of trends


Like just about every other area of marketing, video marketing trends continue to come and go. Staying on top of those trends will help you cut through the noise. Because video is becoming so popular, it’s important to know what’s “in” right now. One trend that seems to be sticking around is bite-sized video. Keep your content short, clear, and to the point. Other trends include:


      User-generated video


      Training/educational videos

      Video advertising



Social media will continue to advance video marketing, too, especially when it comes to ads. On Facebook alone, people view an average of 8 billion videos each day. Many believe social media is the future of digital commerce, so businesses can benefit from utilizing these platforms more often.


More importantly, posts with video content receive the most engagement. Every marketing expert knows the benefit of word-of-mouth advertising, even when it’s online. If you can get people talking and commenting on your video content, more users are likely to see it and take an interest in your brand or your client.


Don’t just stick to one area of social media for your video content. What you post on Facebook might be different from what you post on Instagram in terms of length and type of content. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to video marketing, but it’s worth it to put in the effort for each social platform.

Boosting your engagement


Speaking of boosted engagement, it’s one of the most important factors in upping your video skills this year. The average person sees thousands of advertisements each day. As a result, many people have learned how to tune them out or ignore them.


Video is a great way for you to connect with a specific consumer base and target audience. Whether you’re creating a video for your company or a client, your goal should always be to boost engagement as much as possible. You can increase user interaction with your video content by implementing strategies like:


      Using a strong introduction to capture attention

      Making the video informative

      Using consistent branding

      Adding personality/humanistic qualities to the video


When people are talking about your video content, they’re essentially doing the work for you. Plus, they’re more likely to trust the brand that’s being promoted if a video “connects” with them. It’s important nowadays for companies to show their human qualities through their marketing efforts. Video is a fantastic way to do that and can help consumers feel more comfortable working with or making a purchase from that brand.


With that in mind, make sure to end your videos with a strong CTA. Your goal should be to convert users and “watchers” into customers or clients, and a powerful call-to-action can make all the difference in making a conversion.

Committing to Classes


No matter how much of an expert marketer you are, there’s always room to learn and grow. Technology changes at a rapid pace. If you’re not willing to change and adapt with it, your efforts are going to be left in the dust.


With that in mind, don’t be afraid to “go back to school.” Being a lifelong learner can positively impact your career while growing your digital marketing skills. While you can always outsource your video marketing needs, learning how to master them yourself can save you time and money, and put you in complete control. Nowadays, video editing classes can either be done in-person or online, and you can learn things like:


      Premiere Pro

      After Effects

      Adobe Encore

      Final Cut Pro

      Camtasia training


Taking one or more of these courses will teach you how to seamlessly create video marketing materials that stand out and get noticed.


It’s clear that video marketing is here to stay, and will undoubtedly continue to adapt as it grows in popularity. Stay ahead of the trends and ahead of your competition as much as possible by upping your skills and recognizing how much of a difference quality video marketing can make to your brand and your clients.