Welcome all who decide to make video ad on Tyle.io! You can create any size of video content by automated design engine of Tyle.io. It's quite simple. All you need to do is typing, input resources and finalizing.

Here's a short introduction! Check this out!

I'll give you an example for your better understanding.

1) Type text

You should prepare rough storyline for video ad. Important thing is "keep it short" if you plan to run ad on any social media. Keep a slide has a sentence for your audience.

Click text area > Type your message

2) Import video clip or image

You can import your own images or video clips which represent your product. Also you can use stock images on Tyle.io. We have over 1.5M stock images/videos

Click image area > Search

Every stock resources from Tyle.io can be used for commercial purpose.

3) Finalization

You can set BGM, speed and transition effects on "PREVIEW" on top navigation.



If you want to control lengh of video clip

You can duplicate a slide which has video clip for extend time. Playtime would vary due to BGM and amount of message so you should preview it.