Hey, welcome to! Here's a quickstart guide to start creating beautiful videos and images with Tyle.

Design Shuffle

The creation process starts by presenting you with a series of templates. You can pick one of these templates when you don't have a specific design in mind or you don't want to start with a blank canvas.

If none of the designs look exactly like what you want to create, don't worry. Just pick the one closest to your idea. You'll be able to customize every aspect of your design later.

Once you pick a template, the next screen is the main editor you'll be working in.

This is where you can experience the real beauty of Tyle. Every time you click the "Design Shuffle" button, you can switch to a totally new design or layout, just like that.

Our smart editor automatically takes care of margins, colors and other aspects without you having to do the work. All it takes from you is a click, and you can play around and use the one you like best.

Want your own customized design? Piece of cake! Click the "Layers" button on the top-left and you can see all the layers/elements which are part of the design.

Click on the element you want to customize. A custom panel will open on the right side of the slide. From there, you can start the customization.


Click on the Box element and you'll see various options to customize, including color, layout and more. You can also hide it if you want.

Box Color

In order to provide you with superior customization, lets you pick from over 88 color palettes.

If you have multiple slides, there is no need to worry about changing the color on each slide. The color you pick for one will get automatically applied to all slides, giving you design a consistent look and feel.

Box Layout

This is where you can bypass the layout selection you did through the "Design Shuffle" button. It's handy in cases where you want to run with your own idea.

All the layouts commonly used for social media graphics are available for you to choose from.

Text (Title and Content)

Customizing a piece of text is as easy as just clicking on it. You can then adjust color, font, alignment, size, line and more. If you want to hide title, just click on the "Title Hide" button.

Choosing Title Color

The text will typically be black or white, and adjusts automatically based on the background to maintain effortless readability.

But that doesn't mean you can't change it to whatever you have in mind. There are hundreds of options to pick from in the color menu.

When you're choosing colors, Tyle will recommend colors that go well with the box color.

Take a look at the image above, and you'll see that the text "here" is now orange. Not only that, you can also change the range.

Just select a part of the text and you'll see various buttons appear on the top, such as "A", "B", "H" and more. These buttons generates markdown symbols you can use to alter a part of text.

For instance, clicking on "A" brings up a highlight color. "H" gives a light in-line background and "In" gives a strong in-line background.

If you want to cancel the changes, all you need to do is delete the markdown symbols. Also, you can only use a few markdowns at once.

Choosing fonts

At, we understand the importance of beautiful Typography. That's why you get to choose from over a hundred fonts when editing your design.

Every font available in Tyle belongs to the public domain and can be used for commercial purposes.

Text Alignment

You can choose from center, left, right, justify and stretch. Every time you make a change, you can see it in real time.

 Text Size

Here you can change the size of your text by clicking on the "Scale" button, usually within 60% ~ 160% range.

When you pick a size too big or too small for the given design, Tyle will warn you so that you don't make a mistake. 100% is the perfect size if you plan to share your design on moble devices.

If you're getting a warning, you may still download your design, but we recommend you fix the text size or text itself in order to have a more appealing design.

Text Border

Here, you can add a line around your text for additional emphasis or decoration. Click "Border" button and you can choose from solid and dotted lines.

When you pick an option, you'll see that automatically places the line where it makes the most sense.


When you start with a template, it already comes with a default background image. But you can also change or upload your own images or video clip.

Our stock photos and videos library has millions of assets to choosse from which you can apply to your design. You can also adjust layout, filter, margin, size and control aspects like image rotation and the source text area.

As always, hiding this elements is just a matter of clicking the "Image Hide" button.

Uploading an Image

Uploading an image is straightforward. Just click on the "Upload" button and select a photo from your device. All resources you upload will be saved in "My Images" menu and you can reuse them at any time.

Searching from stocks

We have over 1.3 million stock images and videos to pick from. To serch a specific image or video, just enter your topic in the search box and you'll see results in real time.

Applying Filters

In absence of a Box element, automatically adjusts brightness of your image so that the text is easily readable.

But you can also customize it by picking a filter or brightness level from the menu on the right. By default, the image brightness is set to Auto.

Image Source Text Area

If you're using an image for which you want to give credit by mentioning the source, enter it here and Tyle will automatically show it with the photo when in use.

Logo also allows you to upload and use your logo in your designs. You can either upload one or just hide it from the design.

For the logo you upload, you can adjust various adpects like placement, size, transparency and color.


Location would be determined automatically based on the layout of each slide, but you can customize the placement if you want.


Here, you can pick the size in which your logo will appear. Choose from large, medium or small by clicking the Size button.


By default, the color is in Auto mode. This means your logo will be automatically matched to contrast for easy readability against the background. But you can also pick a color on your own.

Canvas Size

With, you don't need to worry about which social media channel you're creating the image for when you start.

You can alter the size of your canvas at any time by clicking on the bottom-right option. You can pick from sizes optimized for all major social media channels.

When you change the canvas size, our smart editor recalculates and calibrates all the elements automatically.

Saving & Sharing

You can save your design at any given moments by clicking the Save button in the top right corner.

When you're done and you want to download your photo or video, click on the Done button.

A dialogue box will appear with various options on what you can do. You'll also get a unique URL, which you can use to share your work anywhere on the web.

If it's an image or set of images, you can download as a ZIP file or PDF. If it's a video, you can request it to be delivered to your email inbox and over chat in about a minute. Plus, you can also share it directly on your Facebook or Twitter account.