Video content could well be the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal – its rapid rise is testament to its effectiveness, its reach and its ability to engage an audience.  We’ve rounded up the ten most compelling reasons to integrate video marketing into your business strategy in order to supercharge your brand and get your message across.


Search Rankings


Incorporating video marketing into your site or social media presence will help to push you higher up the search rankings, driving more potential consumers to your virtual door.  This is largely due to the fact that video content results in viewers spending longer on your page, which is one of the factors that search engines use to determine search rankings.


Audience Trust


Video content provides your site with increased credibility and personality, which impacts positively on audience trust for your brand or business.


Francesca Taylor, lifestyle writer at 1 Day 2 write and Write my X, suggests, ‘video marketing is probably your best bet when it comes to engaging with your audience – do this well, and this engagement will convert to sales.’


Increase Post Shares


Video content performs extremely well when it comes to audience shares, so incorporating video into your marketing strategy could significantly increase your reach.  The vast majority of video consumers will share videos that engage them, which could super-charge the potential scope of your audience.


Conversion Rates


Give your conversion rates a huge boost through the use of video content.  The use of video on your site can lead to your audience staying on your site for longer, clicking through to other pages and links and, ultimately, increases conversion to sales.  Using videos to provide testimonials is also a great way of encouraging your site visitor to buy from you or engage your services.


Explain New Products


Video content is especially useful if you are launching a new product or service; video is able to convey, in an accessible and easy way, the key features and advantages of your new offering.  Your audience will be more likely to consume this information in a video format rather than reading through reams of on-screen text.


Mobile Audience


Most of us view online content on the go, on our smartphones, and the majority of this mobile viewing is of video.  With devices now designed to facilitate this demand for video, this is a sure sign that marketing via video content is the best way to engage with an increasingly mobile audience.


Emotional Impact


Video has the capacity to tap into an audience’s emotions more than any other marketing format, and this engagement is the beginning of creating brand loyalty.


‘Tying an emotional response to consumers’ perceptions of your product or service packs a powerful marketing punch,’ says Kelly Khan, business writer at Brit student and Next coursework.  ‘Viewers are more likely to remember and share promotional content that elicits strong feelings.’


The On-Demand Factor


Your video content is always there, on-demand, when your viewer wishes to view it or share it.  This is really important in marketing as the easier it is for a consumer to connect with your business or brand, the more likely they are to return to it, and to move towards being a loyal follower.


Power Up Your Email Campaigns


Combining video content with an email campaign makes for a powerful marketing double act; emails that contain links to videos have a high conversion rate – the reader is very likely to click to view.  As videos are easy to consume, your audience is engaged without needing to expend effort, making videos able to catch the attention of viewers who may not otherwise click through to a text document.


Return On Your Investment


Put simply, video marketing has a good chance of providing you with an excellent return on your investment, as its conversion rates are so comparatively high.  Video marketing drives engagement and sales, and companies using this strategy consistently report a direct correlation between consumption of video content and an increase in sales.


Integrating Video Marketing Into Your Business


Using video marketing alongside your other marketing strategies could yield great results for your business or brand.  Video allows for ease of engagement, offers considerable conversion rates, and is a fantastic way to introduce your audience to new products, and to present testimonials and tutorials.  Video marketing also allows your business to fully capitalise on the way in which your audience mostly consume content, making it even more likely that your message will be heard and will resonate.



Michael Dehoyos is a content marketer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Dissertation writing services; he also writes for Assignment help.  Michael assists companies with their marketing strategies, and contributes to numerous sites and publications.  He has been involved in a variety of business projects across the country.