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Intuitive UI.

Only 3 steps to get your video

Marketing Message Based Approach

  • Type your message

    Just type your message. Try to make it short for each slide. Be concise.

  • Choose stock images and videos

    Find suitable background images from over 3M stock library. Based on your message and image, select a suitable layout and color palette.

  • Get your video file

    When you are done, preview in real-time and hit the Export button. You will get your MP4 via chat and email.

You can create the most suitable video content for social media.

We know you value 'Time' and 'Quality' both. Kill two birds with one stone.

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    Smart Editor

    Templates are misleading. Type in more text than what’s shown in the template and the design gets messed up. But not in Tyle! Our smart editor adjusts design automatically to boost overall appearance and readability.

  • 2

    3.0M Free Stock Resources

    With access to millions of stock photos, video clips and more right from within the tool, there is no need to purchase or shoot them on your own. So you can just focus on your message while we take care of everything else.

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    Create Once. Magically Resize

    Say goodbye to making separate images for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Just create one and Tyle will magically resize your image to fit any social media channel.

  • 4

    TTS Voice-over

    You don't need to record your voice and upload it. There's automatic Text to Speech on it. Just type your message and make it read aloud.

  • Tyle is simple, easy to use platfrom which even layman can use to create stories around his ideas. Creativity gets empowered when ideas get conveyed faster and easily. Tyle follows steve jobs principles "less is more".
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  • Tyle is amazingly simple to use compared to anything I've used before. Try it, you'll be surprised.
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