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Just type some text and get your kinetic typography video in minutes. Experience simple & straitghtforward UI.
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    Create kinetic typography videos in minutes

    Just add text, Typomotion will animate them.
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    Zero learning curve video maker

    Simple & straightforward UI, you'll get productive in minutes.
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    Automagically resize your videos to use everywhere

    In once click, videos can be automatically resized to use on every platforms.
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How does it works?

  • Just type your messages

    It's quite simple. What you need to do is just typing your message sentence by sentence. And real-time preview will show your messages turn into kinetic typography video.
  • Custom effects, music and images or videos

    You can customize almost of everything. Upload your own image or find it from our free stock library and you can set text animation for each slides by yourself.
  • Magically resize it for every social media

    Create once and share everywhere with optimized size. You can resize one to any other social media optimized size by simple one click.
  • Download MP4 right away

    Indeed, it's free. When you're done, just click download MP4 button. You will get your mp4 file right away.

made with Typomotion 😎

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