St. Xavier's Outreach Team in Action


St. Xavier's Outreach Team in Action

First step towards mitigating hunger..


As St. Xavier’s family, we have taken our first step towards eradicating hunger.


We’re happy to share that our Outreach Team led by Mr. Mohan Banjade has started working in Kailali district in Sudhurpashchim Province.


The team left for Kailali on 23rd November, 2020 to conduct initial study.The study showed that the major population, specifically, people from 'Dalit' and other minority communities, who relied on daily wages were gravely affected by the pandemic.


Our program is centered on:

Primarily, providing food and blankets to the poorest of the poor of 21 wards and then conducting further assessment of the families who are in dire need of help


We are committed to helping the families in these wards access the urgent hunger care they need to survive.


We're determined to make a difference!

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