What Happens When A Father Refuses A Paternity Test?


What Happens When A Father Refuses A Paternity Test?


When an alleged father refuses to perform a paternity test. It is his right to refuse. There are no laws we currently are aware of that forces a man to perform a paternity test


Now, that being said. If a mother files a paternity petition with the court. A judge or magistrate after reviewing your petition will issue a court order to appear in court to the alleged father.


If the father refuses to show up in court. The mother will win the case by default. In other words, the alleged father will be held in contempt of court and criminal charges may be at play or the father may be fined for being in contempt of court.


The alleged father will be on the hook for Child Support.


It is important to note. The information shared in this video is not legal advice. We recommend that you seek a Family Law professional in your state for more information regarding your state’s paternity testing laws.


If you are currently in a situation where all parties are willing to cooperate to perform a DNA test to establish paternity.


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