Body shaming disabled bodies


Body shaming disabled bodies


Ugly, fat, grotesque, unwanted

These are the types of insults people with disabilities are used to hearing


Surgerical scars and disproportionate body parts

Everyone has different body shapes, but associating these body characteristics as unworthy has been the stigma for awhile


Media and advertisements are only recently being more inclusive of different body types


Before this, disability representation was virtually nonexistent


The message was loud and clear

You're not attractive if you look like "that"


There are mixed messages in the media

"Love your body" ---- but not that body "Strong women, girl power" --- but only if you're the right type of woman


Disabled + Body Positivity

Accepting our body means accepting all our body including "disabled" parts


Our bodies have a history

Our bodies should be celebrated for our strength, journey and diversity


Not broken, unworthy or alone

Need to change mindset about internalized ableism


Internalized Ableism

When a disabled person believes they are less worthy due to their disability and act accordingly


Symptons include distancing anything related to disability including friends


Other symptons include: Unable to accept disability, and then eventually anxiety and depression


The stigma is even worse for those who are both obese and are disabled

For some individuals working out is extremely difficult and aren't obese by choice


There is not enough resources and counseling for women with disabilities who want to get pregnant


Sexually attractive

Women and men may have self-confidence of their body but have to deal with notions of ideal beauty to sexually attract someone


Misconceptions of intimacy

Often those who have disabled bodies are judged on what a relationship could be like with them


Ideas of masculinity

The media's idea of masculinity often damage self-esteem of disabled men


What can we do?

Need to start normalizing disabled bodies



How valuable all bodies are and teach self-love

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