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Experience taught Gideon, the Earl of Chelmsford, women crave money and titles. A passionate interlude with Viscountess Helstone reinforces his cynicism. Five years later, he's planning her seduction.


Hopelessness led Phoebe into a passionate encounter with a stranger. Now a penniless widow, she comes face-to-face with the man she never forgot. But as the author of a scandalous satire she must hide her idenity while fighting not to fall in love.


The an dara sealladh is a part of who Constance Rockwood is. When Lucien demands she end her meddling, she pays no heed. Now, helping Phoebe might cost Constance her marriage and Lucien's love.


The Rogue's Countess

A Reckless Rockwoods Novel Coming February 2021

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