Podcast Content Strategy


1. Often I stream/record my podcasts live to allow for Q & A.


2. Download the video recording


3. Edit the video recording


4. Upload the video to Searchie.io to generate .srt file- for captioning.


5. You can upload to Facebook and/or YouTube and do that too as well as other services


6. I upload the video file to a site called repurpose.io which automatically converts to audio, adds audio intro/outro, generates snippets


I go through and select what I want as snippets and Repurpose does the rest) with headlines and captions to distribute on social media


7. Upload the audio to Bcast.fm It distribute to different audio platform


8. Upload the video to YouTube along with .srt file.


9. I use podpage.com as my podcast hub for all my episodes


10. Post video snippets to various social media and email my list that a new episode has dropped.


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