2021 Goal Card


2021 Goal Card

I'm so happy and thankful now that Panorama Bookkeeping has taken off. I'm generating $8k+/mo effortlessly, consistently, with clients who value my work and benefit from my work. Bravo Travel continues to grow and I have all the support I need. I have time freedom and great health. My family is happy and thriving from this abundance the universe has provided to us. This or Better and So It Is.


I take bold, decisive action everyday.


I am focused.

I am efficient with my time.


I am a successful bookkeeper and trusted advisor


I make $8k or more per month. I have abundance of joy and wealth


Bravo Travel continues to grow with long list of luxury beach vacation clients. I am a trusted advisor and mentor.


I am healthy and full of vitality.


I have healthy, delicious food.


Jeff and I have a rock-solid, loving relationship


We have a loving, fun family, with lots of family vacations.


Megan and I have a close, loving relationship.

Megan is happy and living her life.


Jason and I have a great relationship. He is happy and gets into college of his choice.


I can spend more time with mom


My family and Mom and I go on more vacations together


We have a spacious, comfortable, house with a housekeeper


We have a beach house as vacation home.


a nice scenic view lake house with a fishing boat for Jeff


We have dependable, fuel efficient luxury cars


We have multiple weeks of vacations


more family vacations to exotic destinations


I have a supportive team

who supports me while I focus on growing my business or taking time off.


I have a successful business

On my way to leverage!


I am guided and supported by Boldheart


I am making a difference in lives of other SAHMs

They have financial independence


Other moms I mentor can happily choose to stay home to raise her family


Jeff and I have the best time of our lives.


Jeff can retire as early as he wants


I spend time to nurture my soul and my self care


I spend time with supportive friends.


I live a life of purpose, fulfullment, freedom, joy and abundance


Watch me do it!


I am positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me. The Universe is rearranging itself for my best interest RIGHT NOW

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