BY : Itzel Rodriguez


What is covid-19 ?

COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness.


Having A Vaccine That Can Potentially Stop Covid-19 Is Not Sufficient

Due to the coronavirus spreading , we have been in the rush of making a vaccine . Many vaccines have been made that can" prevent"covid , but a vacccine to prevent covid won't be enough .I have found a website written by Dr. Adam Finn and Dr. Richard Malley, they state how we are focused on creating a vaccine that will prevent covid, but it won't stop the transmission. I think we should be focused more on how to stop the transmissions , we might have safety precautions like having to wear mask and staying 6 feet apart from eachother , but people are still getting sick with the virus.


The AztraZeneca Covid Vaccine Has Been Placed Into Pause After Someone Got A Rare Disorder

AstraZenca is a science -led biopharmaceutical , that is in the making of a covid vaccine. They have succesfully made it into phase 3 with 7 others also in the process of a vaccine. Unfortunetly, they had to go on pause after a women in the U.K ,that took the trail vaccine got a rare spinal disorder named Transverse . They should defenitly take the production of the vaccine slower since a vaccine is not usually made in a few months, it can take up to 2-10 years. Considering taking it slower will keep people safe.


The United States It's Not Handling Well The Global Pandemic

The United States has been doing poorly at keeping us safe from covid. I have gather information from a website named "Coronavirus: How the pandemic in U.S compares with rest of world". This website talks about how in China and Italy that once had really high covid cases have been able to keep those down, but the U.S can seem to do that. It makes you wornder if the U.S is doing the best.


The economic status

The pandemic has effected the economy dramasticly. Many have filed for bankrupcy, unemployement, and many busineses are closing. Not just United States but all over the world.


Wearing a mask in public should be made a law

It has been proven that wearing a mask in public can reduce the trasmition of covid. In most places you go; a mask is require, but their are still places where you see people without them


Developer of Covid 19 vaccine are taking good safety measures

Only 8 companies have been able to make it into phase 3, which is when they test the vaccines (trial vaccines) and so far they have done a good job keeping the people who take the vaccine trials safe. One companie named Pfizer's require their participants to record their symptoms for 2 years to see if their are any side effects.


Russia and China have done wrong on distributing vaccines

Russia and China have distributed covid-19 vaccines to early. Unlike The U.S they havent made clinical trials which are a very important part of producing a vaccine. The reasons for a vaccine trials is to see if the vaccine is safe and if it works. How will you know if the vaccine is safe if you havent tested it on people.


The president is creating confusion by contradicting Redfields testimony

Our president has created confusion when he contradicted the governments top scientists when he said "I believe he was confused" to when the covid vaccine was going to be ready. He said that because Redfield said that the covid vaccine wont be ready until the second or third quarter of next year.

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