Whenever you are feeling down or low. Remember these words...


Once upon a time we were all children, innocent and carefree.


Take yourself back to a fond memory from long long ago.


Close your eyes. Picture that moment in time. Now Breathe in that memory.


Allow that memory to flood in and spread across your face.


Bring that smile back through time with you. Your smile of times past.


Here to enjoy now. This happy, wonderfully warm memory.


Grab hold of this memory, embrace it. Absorb the power of its vibrations.


Revel in it, wear your smile with pride, and enjoy your day.


Today be the best version of yourself you can be.


Share your smile with someone you love or someone new.


Just as you do. They may need a happy memory too.


Your smile is contagious and filled with positive energy.


Spread your smile. Together we can help each other feel better.


Remember to share your smile everyday.

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