5 reasons why you shouldlet your children play Lego


5 reasons why you should let your children play Lego


#1 Develop Motor Skills

Picking up & putting together Lego pieces are great way for children to practice their fingers.


#2 Develop Observation Skills

In order to follow the steps in the instruction book, children will develop an understanding of 3d space.


#3 Develop Creativity

Arguably the most important one on the list. With a few bricks, children can build whatever their imagination leads to.


#4 Develop 'Grit'

Sometimes lego build falls apart. This is a crucial moment for the child to learn how to overcome frustration.


#5 Learn to play with others

Playing off each other's imagination is a great bonding exercise, not only for children but also for parents and child.


Lego is a great way to learn important skills yet it's playing to children.

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